Why Work With A Recruiter

Working in Your Interest

Evaluating or looking for a new position can often be a delicate matter as you don’t want your current employer to know that you are thinking about leaving. A search firm allows you to pursue new opportunities in a discreet fashion by representing you for targeted job opportunities for which you have expressed a clear interest. It is usually a solution much preferred over posting your resume online for everyone to see (including your boss and HR department). A professional recruiter handles your information with respect to confidentiality and works hard to ensure that your privacy is not compromised.

The recruiter can also play in important role in mediating the offer process and helping bridge discrepancies between the candidate and prospective employer. Since the recruiter has a vested interest in the successful completion of the search assignment, he or she will help facilitate the interview and negotiation process from beginning to end keeping you up-to-date and making sure your goals are addressed.

Career Partner

Experienced recruiters are valuable career partners in terms advice and guidance since they can provide help if you are planning your next career move or how to get a specific job. Whether it is assisting with your resume, functioning as a sounding board or helping you evaluate/choose between opportunities, the recruiter is there as a resource for you. He or she can also provide you with valuable insight into industry segments and specific companies.

Opening the Right Doors

A reputable search firm has close relationships with many different companies usually within a certain industry. By working with a recruiter, a candidate is able to leverage this relationship ensuring that he/she is well represented and given the appropriate consideration by the hiring manager and organization for a given career opportunity.

A recruiter also has intimate industry knowledge and in a unique position to pro-actively present you with job opportunities that you did not know about or would not have access to.

Candidates who rely on online applications through company websites are often disappointed by a lack of response. The problem is not necessarily related to your qualifications for the job, but the way the applications are handled inside the company. Too often the resume isn’t reviewed by the appropriate person, if at all. From the minute you hit the submit button you have virtually no control of what happens to your resume, who sees it and where you are in the evaluation process. A recruiter changes the odds in your favor by making sure your application gets the attention it deserves, keeping you informed of the status and facilitating the recruiting process from beginning to end.

Please note: Once you have submitted a resume to a company directly, a recruiter will not be eligible to represent you to that company. Ask your recruiter whether he or she has a working relationship with the company first.