Job Hunting Skills

The Elevator Pitch (also known as the 30 second commercial)

Just as a sales person must effectively communicate the benefits of the product or service he or she sells, the job seeker needs “sell” himself. To carefully craft and rehearse a 30 second “commercial” about yourself is an invaluable tool in your career search as it allows you to effectively and quickly introduce yourself, communicate your skills and what you are looking for. The elevator pitch is effective and versatile as it can be used in everything from networking events to interview situations. It conveys a clear message without losing the attention of the person listening. Below are some examples of how to develop good elevator pitches.

Example 1

1. Who am I? (introduce yourself)
2. What field or industry am I in?
3. What position am I in? In what capacity do I serve?
4. What is my unique selling proposition and what makes me different from the competition?
5. What benefits can employers derive from skills, based on my proven accomplishments?

Example 2

“l am a (i.e., “Technical Marketing Professional”) with the majority of my career involved in (i.e., “semiconductor products for digital media consumer electronics”)

Currently/Most recently, I worked at (“XYZ Company”) as (“title/role”) where I (briefly list duties). Prior to that, I (summary of prior experience, if relevant).

I find that wherever I have worked, I bring three key strengths to the table: (name and define three strengths used in your work experience).

At this time, my future plans are to (future career objective).